FUZZY  LOGIC Dog Training
Living with a pet exhibiting fear, anxiety, aggression, destructiveness, lack of housetraining, or out-of-control behavior is no fun.  If you've tried classes or training and are still having problems, or just don't know what to do, we can help. 

We work with you to best identify the cause of the trouble. Then, with the help of your veterinarian in appropriate cases, we develop a training and behavior modification plan customized for your needs.  We'll help you learn how to set your dog up for success and teach needed skills to both you and your dog.  Our years of experience and extensive practical and theoretical education allow us to target key skills quickly. 

Together we will develop a training and behavior modification plan customized for your needs.
We've spent years learning how to figure out the problem and the solution... so you don't have to.  With our wide variety of teaching and training techniques, we can find one that will work foryou and your dog.  Fuzzy Logic Dog excels at "thinking outside of the box" in difficult cases. 

Fuzzy Logic Dog specializes in training

and behavior help for dogs ,
and we work with cats, too!  

Contact us today to start making things better.  
Behavior Help for Your Pet
  1. 1
    Behavior Consultations
    Get off to the right start: All new clients will start with a two-part behavior consultation.
  2. 2
    Seminars & Workshops
    For your group: Get your employees on the same page! Bring up-to-date information to your breed or sports club members! Hone training skills!
  3. 3
    Pre-adoption Counseling
    Avoid mistakes... choose well! Flexible consulting and assessment services available.
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Fuzzy Logic Dog follows the “LIMA” training philosophy, a commitment to choose the “Least Invasive, Minimally Aversive” techniques and methods effective for each client.